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Fessenden Visual Identity Guidelines

A school’s brand should communicate its story and present a consistent message. Our audiences rely on consistent and effective use of design elements to become familiar with our brand and our story.

The Fessenden School History

During its more than 100-year history, Fessenden’s success has been tethered to the conviction that boys who feel cared for will thrive and succeed. The legacy of our founders’ venture — to educate boys in every aspect of their lives — resonates in the work of our dedicated teachers and staff, who continue to create strong personal connections with their students.

Logo & Wordmark Lockup

The Fessenden School logo is one of the most valuable assets to The Fessenden School brand and it needs to be an instantly recognizable symbol. In order for this to occur, the logo must be used in a correct and consistent manner. There are two versions of the logo and wordmark lockup. The following represents accepted uses for the lockup:

Horizontal Logo & Wordmark Lockup

Horizontal Lockup, Light Background
Horizontal Lockup, Dark Background

Single Line Logo & Wordmark Lockup

Horizontal Single Line Lockup, Light Background
Horizontal Single Line Lockup, Dark Background

Stacked Logo & Wordmark Lockup

Stacked Lockup, Light Background
Stacked Lockup, Dark Background

Stacked Ribbon Logo & Wordmark Lockup

Stacked Ribbon Lockup, Light Background
Stacked Ribbon Lockup, Dark Background


The font used to typeset the Fessenden wordmark is Intrinseca. Use of this font in the branding should be reserved for the wordmark only. Along with the complete logo and wordmark lockup, there are three versions of the wordmark logo. The following represents accepted uses for the wordmark:

Single Line Full Wordmark

Single Line Wordmark, Light Background
Single Line Wordmark, Dark Background

Stacked Full Wordmark

Stacked Wordmark, Light Background
Stacked Wordmark, Dark Background

Fessenden Wordmark

Fessenden Wordmark, Light Background
Fessenden Wordmark, Dark Background

Logo Usage

Minimum Size

The minimum size for The Fessenden School logo is 1.5″ wide.

Exclusion Zone

To ensure the preservation of the identity of the logo, it should not appear crowded by any other elements on the page. Please always observe the exclusion zone. The exclusion zone around the logo should be “x” where “x” is equal to the height of the letter F in Fessenden, or a minimum of 0.25″, whichever is greater.

The logo is one of our most important and valued assets. As such, it is important that it is treated with respect. The different color variations on the logo allow it to be used on various backgrounds. It is important the logo is not altered in any way.


Primary Palette

The Fessenden School logo consists of two main colors: maroon and gray. There are also two additional grays that may be used based on graphic context. Their specific color builds are as follows:

CMYK15, 100, 37, 45
RGB134, 31, 65
CMYK48, 29, 29, 76
RGB84, 88, 90
PantoneCool Gray 9
CMYK30, 22, 17, 57
RGB117, 120, 123
PantoneCool Gray 7
CMYK20, 14, 12, 40
RGB151, 153, 155

Secondary Palette

These colors are used as accents and complement the primary palette. They can be tinted and used for highlighting pull quotes as well as for graphics. Their specific color builds are as follows:

CMYK48, 24, 0, 49
RGB77, 103, 133
CMYK36, 25, 71, 1
RGB170, 168, 104
CMYK17, 63, 100, 3
RGB203, 115, 41
CMYK61, 26, 9, 0
RGB100, 160, 200


The typeface used in print and web materials for The Fessenden School are an essential part of the brand. Using the established typefaces is necessary for creating a consistent look and feel that further strengthens the school’s brand and public recognition. The following represents the established typefaces for use in Fessenden School materials:

Typography: Print

Use Helvetica Neue 87 Heavy Condensed for Headings.
Use Helvetica Neue 57 Condensed for Subheadings and Pull Quotes.
Use Helvetica Neue 47 Light Condensed for Captions and Bylines.
Use Helvetica Neue 37 Thin Condensed for Alternate Headings.
Use Helvetica Neue 85 Heavy for Subheadings within Body Copy.
Use Helvetica Neue 63 Medium Extended for Alternate Subheadings.
Use Helvetica Neue 53 Extended for Footers.
Use Chaparral Pro Regular for Body Copy.

Typography: Web

Use Oswald Bold for Headings.
Use Oswald Regular for Subheadings and Menu Items.
Use Source Sans Pro Bold for Menu Headings.
Use Source Sans Pro Semibold for Alternate Menu Headings.
Use Source Sans Pro Regular for Body Copy.

Contact the Communications Department for font files. For additional colors (paint and fabric) as well as collateral samples, please refer to the full Fessenden Visual Identity Guidelines document.

Download Guidelines (PDF)