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Fessenden Athletics

Fessenden Athletics Visual Identity Guidelines

A school’s brand should communicate its story and present a consistent message. Your audiences rely on consistent and effective use of design to become familiar with your brand and your story.


There are three versions of the Fessenden Athletics logo: the bear face, the bear profile, and the full bear. Having this variety provides flexibility, and utilizing these core elements will help maintain recognizability.

2-Color Logos

2-Color Logo, Front
2-Color Logo, Profile
2-Color Logo, Full Body

1-Color Logos

1-Color Logo, Front
1-Color Logo, Profile
1-Color Logo, Full

2-Color Knockout Logos

2-Color Knockout Logo, Front
2-Color Knockout Logo, Profile
2-Color Knockout Logo, Full

1-Color Knockout Logos

1-Color Knockout Logo, Front
1-Color Knockout Logo, Profile
1-Color Knockout Logo, Full


Along with the three versions of the logo, there are multiple versions of the wordmark.

1-Color Wordmarks

Fessenden Wordmark
The Fessenden School Wordmark, Stacked
The Fessenden School Wordmark, Horizontal
Fessenden Athletics Wordmark, Horizontal
Bears Wordmark
Fessenden Wordmark, Arched

Knockout Wordmarks

Fessenden Wordmark, Knockout
The Fessenden School Wordmark, Stacked, KO
Fessenden School Wordmark, Horiz, KO
Bears Wordmark, Knockout
Fessenden Wordmark, Arched, Knockout

Logo & Wordmark Lockups

The logo and wordmark can be combined in different ways; we have provided a selection of samples to indicate usage.

2-Color Logo & Wordmark Lockups

Front Logo & Straight Wordmark
Front Logo & Arched Wordmark
Profile Logo & Straight Wordmark

Additional Graphics

There are two complementary elements than can accompany the logo and wordmark.

Fessenden Athletics F

Fessenden Athletics F, 1-Color
Fessenden Athletics F, Knockout

Bear Paw

Bear Paw, 1-Color
Bear Paw, Knockout


Primary Palette

CMYK15, 100, 37, 45
RGB134, 31, 65
PantoneCool Gray 7
CMYK42, 35, 35, 1
RGB151, 153, 155


The typefaces used in print and web materials are an essential part of the brand. Using the established typefaces is necessary for creating a consistent look and feel that further strengthens the school’s brand and public recognition. The following represents the established typefaces:

Complementary Fonts

Along with the custom type treatment used for the Fessenden Athletics wordmark, Winner Bold typeface may be used on apparel and as a complementary typeface.
Download Font File

For any other collateral besides apparel and signage, please refer to the typography section in the Fessenden Visual Identity Guidelines document.

Download Guidelines (PDF)